Somayoga: Movement Intelligence & Somatic Experiencing at Casa Buena Home Studio with Nirupa

Tuesday & Thursday morning sessions will commence again February 2nd 2017 at 9:30 -11:00 am and are now open for bookings. Term Begins Thursday the 2nd & Tuesday the 7th of February and will run for six weeks through the 14th of March, this Term is 6 sessions. 

Tuesday & Thursday morning sessions focus specifically on breaking down and streaming together the small refined movements of Movement Intelligence & Somatic Experiencing. We will also focus on the inner felt sense, tracking the subtle variations of movement from within the space of the body. All classes are a gentle exploration through primal movement patterns, natural breath, pausing, somatic inquiry and meditation. Exploring the principals of gravity, resistance, directions, joining, moving apart, realtionships of parts- fixed & flowing, the wave, the axis, rotation, tone, rhythm, oscillation, spirals, pulsations, and how gentle vibrational pressure streams through our entire bodies from end to end. Classes are meditative, spacious, and full of somatic inquiry and curiousity providing new options of movement that are gentle to the whole person, building new synapses in the brain and creating a more resilient nervous system supporting the Healing of Trauma. 

Explore movement with deep listening, cultivate an awareness of the felt sense and our inner relationship to ourselves and to our surroundings.

Mindful movement and meditation are wonderful tools for integration, health and well being.

* directly addressing anxiousness, depression, restlessness, general busy mind, improving focus, relieving stress and creating relaxation into overall health and well being.


I am happy to join the team at the new Mullumbimby Body Mind Welllness Centre ten minutes from Byron Bay in the heart of Mullumbimby. I will run a seris of workshops through 2017, these workshops are an Intro into Somatic Movement & Somatic Experiencing -Regulating the Nervous System, Healing Trauma. These workshop will run for four weeks on Monday early evenings, all sessions are gentle with movement and rest. The specific dates and times TBA shortly and/or please call 66844797 for details.

All classes have an emphasis on Nervous System regulation and restoration working towards cultivating resiliance and capacity for Healing Trauma. Please reserve your place now as classes are small and places are limited, nirupa.hoffman@gmail.com


Private One to One Sessions in Movement Intelligence & Somatic Experiencing.

These sessions focus on the innate ability to self regulate our own unique nervous system.

We will learn to ground and orient, exploring what naturally arises. Tracking sensation and dropping into the felt sense, the nervous system naturally corrects itself and heals. This is very gentle, refined and highly effective approach to working with the nervous sytem, Somatic Experiencing Trauma work of Peter Levine. I am now an advanced student in my 3 year training of Somatic Experiencing work.

 Please contact me directly for a private appointment, or for more information, 6684 4797. This is a wonderful approach to healing trauma and creating a more resilient nervous system. 


Casa Buena Studio Mullumbimby Please e mail or call for info regarding classes

nirupa.hoffman@gmail.com  or Tel.# 6684 4797  Mobile: 0488 668 673