Classes of Somayoga focus specifically on bringing together Hatha Yoga, Somatic Movement Intelligence & Somatic Experiencing. This is a trauma sensitive Movement and Meditative practice with an emphasis on creating a more regulated nervous system. We will focus on the inner felt sense, tracking the subtle variations of movement from within the space of the body. All classes are a gentle exploration through primal movement patterns, natural breath, 'the great pause', somatic inquiry and meditation. Exploring the principals of gravity, realtionships of parts, fixed & flowing, the wave, the axis, tone, rhythm, oscillation, spirals, and the mother of all movement, pulsation. A unique characteristic of Movement Intelligence is how gentle vibrational pressure streams through our entire bodies from end to end, with 'every step we take, every move we make'. Classes are meditative, spacious, and full of somatic inquiry and curiousity providing new options of movement that are kind to the whole being, building new synapses in the brain-body creating a more resilient nervous system specifically supporting the Healing of Trauma. 

Somayoga, Movement Intelligence and Somatic Experiencing are wonderful tools for integration and health addressing the common human expressions of anxiety, depression, restlessness, busy mind, sleeplessness, and can improve focus, relieve stress and create relaxation creating a movement towards overall health and well being.

NEWS: I'm delighted to have joined the team at the new Centre for Mind Body Wellness located in the heart of Mullumbimby. I will run a series of workshops through 2017, these workshops are an Intro into Somatic Movement & Somatic Experiencing -Regulating the Nervous System, Healing Trauma®. See my Classes page for details.


Private One to One Sessions in Somayoga, Movement Intelligence & Somatic Experiencing:

These private 1:1 sessions focus on the innate ability for regulation of our own unique nervous system. With the gentle guidence and support of Somatic Experiencing we slowly explore what is arising taking the steps needed to resolve activation and heal traumatic symptoms.

 "Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the event itself. They arise when residual energy from the experience is not discahrged from the body. This energy remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreck havoc on our bodies and minds."

Please contact me directly for a private appointment, or for more information, 6684 4797.  

nirupa.hoffman@gmail.com  or Tel.# 6684 4797  Mobile: 0488 668 673